Our Services

Residential Interior Painting

A high-quality job begins with a good worksite and surface preparation.

  • Covering of furniture and other surfaces with clean drop sheets or plastic
  • Repairing cracks and holes with plaster to mask imperfections
  • Sanding repairs and touch-ups
  • Sanding of all surfaces to be painted
  • Application and sanding of primer
  • Application of two coats of paint

End result: Brand new looking walls and ceilings!

Interior Finishing

Enhance the value and character of your home with interior finishing. 


The professional installation of trimmings and mouldings is an easy and affordable way to add charm to any room. It’s a worthwhile investment. The only limit is your imagination! 

  • Measuring of angles, lengths and quantities of required material
  • Cutting of material
  • Preparation and painting or staining of surfaces
  • Installation according to your design
  • Application of sealer
  • Professional finishing

End result: Cozy rooms and increased value of your property!


Drywall and Joints

Drywall for ceilings and walls - the foundation of successful renovations!


The installation of drywall and joint finishing by an expert will ease the next steps of your project. Getting it done right from the start will make you save time and money on finishing work, installation of wallpaper and painting.

  • Installation of drywall sheets, tape and metal edges
  • Treatment and sanding of joints in several layers

End result: Seamless-looking walls and ceilings


Installation of Wallpaper

Add colour, texture and patterns to your home with the installation of wallpaper.


The professional hanging of wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to liven up a room. It is a worthwhile investment.

  • Removal of old wallpaper
  • Cleaning, sanding and preparation of surfaces
  • Hanging of wallpaper according to pattern
  • Professional finishing

End result: Dressed-up rooms that match your personality!


Epoxy Painting

Choose epoxy painting for beautiful, waterproof, resistant and durable floors. Customize your garage, home or barn with a wide selection of colours, textures and finishes.


Epoxy painting has become a favourite option in construction, renovation and decoration projects. However, the application of this material is a complex process that should be entrusted to a professional!

  • Surface preparation
  • Application of a base coat
  • Application of decorative elements (flakes, patterns)
  • Application of resin and hardener

End result: Custom floors that reflect your personality and increased value of your property!


Commercial Painting

 Renovate or build with peace of mind! Hire a professional painter for impeccable work at your office, farm or shop.


We provide businesses and individuals with the same services.

  • Interior painting
  • Drywall and joints
  • Interior finishing
  • Wallpapering
  • Epoxy floors